Architects in Costa Rica; Public Space Design

The architects in Costa Rica are of great importance in the construction of public space not only to achieve the beautification of the cities, but also to make the city spaces a place that facilitates the activities and the mobility of its occupants, whether residents or visitors . Thanks to architects in Costa Rica, public […]

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Models of Houses of two Plants: Aparments

Today there are an infinite number of apartments for sale on one and two floors. However for people looking for a not very large home with a good distribution the duplex apartments are a substantial alternative among the varied range of models of two-storey houses. The choice of an apartment as a dwelling can bring […]

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The two-story house models

The two-story house models are characterized by their modern style and utilitarian space distribution, making these homes an excellent choice for families or clients with varied activities. Costa Rica Prefab Homes  has a wide range of styles of two-story high-quality home models that is tailored to the individual needs of buyers. The two-storey house models […]

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