Construction Company in Costa Rica

The construction company in Costa Rica has the required and specialized knowledge to exercise a correct planning, organization and execution of construction projects, committing itself to provide the client with a home that meets their wishes and requirements, consuming their longing for their own home and endorsing a house Safe and enduring for the people who […]

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Cooking saving tips at your new house

Use disc size pots: The pots or containers should be the size of the disc. If you use containers with a surface greater than the heater, this will cause a longer cooking time. If, on the other hand, it uses containers with a smaller surface, there are losses of electricity in the form of heat. […]

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Costa Rica Container Home Construction

The options offered by Costa Rica prefab homes are really varied. Customers can opt for similar houses in the form of traditional or other slightly different and novel houses such as houses made with marine containers, which has become a relatively inexpensive, fast and tested for many years Years in different countries. Maritime container models […]

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